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Cake & Ale

Simple material pleasures;
fun or lively enjoyment in general.

Why hello there, if you clicked on this tab you must be wanting to know a little more about the background of Cake & Ale.

Cake & Ale came to pass when my professional life collided with my love of all things textile. With close to two decades experience as graphic designer for the textiles industry I felt it was time to take the leap and put my own unique take on craft out into the world.  So using my background in pattern and packaging design, and a love of textiles Cake & Ale was born.

My goal is simple, to sharing the joy of slow sewing and show that sewing is not a "granny craft". In a world of speed scrolling I wanted to create unique weekend projects that won’t break the time bank, and allow anyone to unplug from technology.

Just like in my design studio, the end goal of ANY project is to make it not only beautiful, but practical as well.

Wishing you a bounty of cakes and ale, and please don’t forget to follow us at on Instagram @cake.and.ale and tag us in your brag shots

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