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Mea culpa... seriously though, my bad.

There is nothing worse than being run off your feet all day and hitting the hay knowing that the things you really , really wanted to do haven't even made it to the middle of your to do list. I know I am not alone in this, especially when it comes to other working mothers. There really is no way to have it all, something always has to give (for me generally sleep and sanity) and at the moment the kids have exceedingly full schedules.. which means I have been on taxi duty. Thankfully that does mean some stolen EPP time and cuddles with random kitties, yes I am a sworn crazy cat lady and no this is not my cat. (PLEASE IGNORE THE MESSY CAR).

So yes, I have been coasting through on scheduled posts and my camera roll to appease the algorithm gods, I loathe being a slave to those vainglorious deities but we all do what needs must.

So on the home front we have had plague - viral joys of school age children, they were fine and I ended up in bed over the long weekend. Floods - short lived but memorable and destructive (the tree never showed up again), and Famine - I ran out of chocolate AND coffee pods... that was a rough few days. There was also Zone cross country where we narrowly missed out on Regional's! Soccer gala's, Star Struck (dancing spectacular) and arguments with the government about budgets for adequate school fencing (see June's blog).

On the work front the studio (DesignHybrid) has been so blessedly busy lately I haven't had a day spare to work on my "Dear Heart" pattern set as promised. It will be a two piece pattern that will be used as a fundraiser for my son's special school. I know all schools are under resourced, but when you have high needs behavioral and medical children the budget goes even less distance than in a typical school.

The other notable excuse for not having completed Dear Heart is a pretty exciting one actually. I was contacted by the lovely women behind Makers Bundles to participate in their next bundle release. EEEPPPP! Which means a tight deadline and pattern turn around, which my ADD brain just leapt at to the exclusion of all other patterns and projects... even my Star Gazer quilt is suffering.

So keep an eye out for updates on this, I am loving how the project is shaping up! It is based off a Gaiwan teacup and has more beloved curves. I really do love torturing myself * eye roll *. The lid still needs a little fine tuning, its a tad snug but the second version fell completely into the base. I am hoping that the third lid will be the Goldilocks fit, cross your bits for me.

So again, I am sorry we have been absent from your feed, but I promise if I can just get a few calm days to get ahead of it all we will be back in full swing! And algorithm gods willing you will actually see my posts!!! Cass xxoo

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