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Summer holidays ain't no vacation

Can I just say being a WFH (work from home) parent during the Summer holidays is a right challenge! I have three wee ones are when they are all home from school for six weeks getting through the day is challenge enough, let alone when you are managing your 9-5 job AND the passion project.

I have had a stack of new fat quarters on my desk for 3 weeks and templates for the new designs just sitting here laminated for 5 weeks. Yes designs, there are three I have in mind right now and I need to decide which one to do first... most likely it will be the simplest one as I desperately need some action shots for "the 'gram" before the algorithms decide I am not worth putting into peoples feeds.

Everyone has been back in school for a blissful total of seven days now, I have cleared around 250 actionable emails from design clients, found my living room under the piles of children's art, single socks (never a pair) and can FINALLY hear myself think. From next week I am back on deck officially for Cake & Ale and I couldn't be happier! Gosh reading this back to myself and I sound like a right whinger, SORRY!

Excitingly though I did buy myself a new desk plant, I think shes a pink philodendron so I named her Phyllis. I also found Emmet and the piece of resistance while I rediscovering my house and it made my week! Here is to the little things that spark joy in your day.

Hubby also upgraded my car a few weeks back (I miss my Subie though, thank you for your service Kitty Burlestonne) and I discovered the BEST hack for getting your chocolate mousse home from the shops. When you live 40mins from the supermarket and you forget your freezer bags this is a must know hack.

Have a great week everyone!! Cass

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