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Try, try again...

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." - Thomas Edison

Sadly most of me great project ideas don't usually materialize in their full glory first time around. More often we get a 90% product with the first make, then through the process of making and watching how a piece comes together idea allows for its evolution. Most often there is only one physical sample of a design (cardboard scale models not counted), at most two physical samples are needed.... Solaris on the other hand needed THREE. So, I embraced failure as a stepping stone to success, and kept on sewing. Honestly I really think this one was worth the time, fabric and effort into making an her work. It was also a pretty teachable moment too, along with refining the process of how I design these projects but also on using different scale fabric prints to maximise the drama and visual impact of a piece.

Did It make my ADHD hurt, yes it did, but that's on me. I love novelty and the dopamine rush of falling headlong into a new project, having to repeat the same thing again is no fun for that part of my brain. Luckily my ASD side thrives on perfection so we got there in the end!

In the words of ChatGPT, in a world that seems to favor quick wins and instant success stories, the importance of persistent effort cannot be overstated. The act of continuously working on an idea until it flourishes transforms not only the concept itself but also the individual behind it. It molds you into a resilient, adaptable, and innovative thinker – qualities that extend far beyond the realm of ideas and into all aspects of life. So, embrace the journey, embrace the challenges, and let your commitment to making an idea work be the driving force behind your success. Remember, the sweetest fruits are those that have been nurtured patiently to ripeness.

Also here's some photo tax of the process, we got there, and I think Solaris is amazing. The pattern will be live by the weekend so if you are interested in making it pop over to the ETSY store and make one of your very own.

Solaris V1 - Mission to Mars. I thought this fabric had a surface of mars feel, wrong colour I know but I thought it played into the heavenly bodies theme. Sadly though in this version I miscalculated the weight of the card and the length of the point pieces. The points lifted a little, but not with the drama I was going for.

Solaris V2 - A pocket full of posies. While this pretty lady had lift, her outer layer was about 5mm too long on the points. Due to the darker navy blue a well place stitched was disguised, but it was not perfect enough to be sold as a pattern. You would be amazed at how long such a "simple" edit can take. Shortening the side panels impacts the triangle point, which then affects the base size, and if you don't think it all the way through soon you have a base that is too small to fit your inner bowl.

Solaris V3 - Save us Saint Anna Maria. They say third times the charm, maybe it is just our Lady Anna Maria Horner who saved us. I have kept this fat quarter for nearly a decade... but I think it went into the perfect make for the print.

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