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The Bangle Bowl was named because if you took the base off it would look like a bangle... I'm and Aussie and we are well known for calling it as we see it.

This is a great project if you want to create something a little non traditional in the EPP (English Paper Piecing) technique. It's twisted pieces are emphasised by their curved edges, so not only are the twists visually lovely but the panels have a slightly scalloped feel to them. The inside of the bowl is constructed with flat rectangle pieces which are easier to piece together but also create a unique finished piece, most EPP bowls are the same design inside and out. I feel the size of this bowl is a little bit Goldilocks, not too little, not too big, just right.

The Bangle Bowl's twisted, faceted faces are perfect for showing off your fussy cutting skills, or using contrasting fabrics to make a bold statement, or as we have done... use your itty bitty scraps from other projects. These scraps are left over from a quilt border that I had secreted away for a few years, take that Husband they came in handy after all!!!

As for uses?? Personally I craft and gift, for me the joy is in the making. But you could keep it either for yourself or a small person in your life, it is perfectly sized to be a ring, bobby pin or small items dish on your bed side table or vanity table.

Some experience with EPP recommended, but a dedicated beginner could manage this project.

FINISHED SIZE: 4" Wide x 4" Long x 2.5" High.

In this PDF includes;
• Basic “how to” EPP Instructions, each step is illustrated!
• 22 print at home templates.
• Full assembly instructions.

From your stash you will need;
• 2 x Contrasting fat ⅛’s / or contrasting leftover scrap fabrics.
• Glue baste eg. Sewline (glue sticks also work in a pinch).
• Needle and sewing thread.
• General sewing supplies.
• Cardstock or office paper and laminator.


  SVG Files are available to download as a seperate purchase!  


Bangle Bowl

SKU: C&A005
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