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The Duchess was designed as a Cake & Ale pattern for Make Modern Magazine, this bit sized craft project is perfect for a weekend craft project or as a thoughtful gift for one of your sewing buddies. She is the perfect size to hold your every day necessaries, I keep my piecing needles, thimble, thread and a few quilt clips in mine, saves getting out a bulky sewing box for your quick sit down projects. The Duchess also makes an EXCELLENT enclosed pincushion, no more accidentally stabbed fingers when you are rummaging for a pin or needle!

Finished Size - 3½" Wide x 3 ½" Deep x 3" High.

This PDF includes;
• Basic “how to” EPP Instructions.

• 52 print at home templates.

• Full assembly instructions.

From your stash you will need;
• 1 x Fat ¼’s worth of fabric. (or a mix of scrap fabrics).

• Glue baste E.g. Sewline (glue sticks also work in a pinch).

• General sewing supplies, E.G Needle and sewing thread, Thimble (optional).

• Card stock or office paper and a laminator.

• Craft safety knife and ruler or sharp paper scissors.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: A lot easier than you would think, an adventurous beginner would be fine.


  SVG Files are available to download as a separate purchase!  

*** FAQ's ***

Do you I need a laminator?
No you don't, this is just a technique you can use if your printer does not like printing on card stock (like mine).

What weight card stock is best?
If you can print on card we recommend that a stock 220GSM - 300GSM be used, it needs enough bulk to hold the sides up but you also need to work within your own comfort zone.


Do I really leave the papers in?

YES!! Unlike traditional EPP our card stock templates stay in permanently. This is what creates, and holds the structure of our unique patterns together.


Welcome to Cake & Ale! Our mission is all about combining the charm of traditional quilting with a fresh, modern twist. We're here to bring you patterns that you can lovingly handcraft using techniques passed down through generations. But guess what? You don't need to dedicate weeks to these projects – you can finish them up in just one weekend!

Now, if you're new to the world of hand sewing, don't worry. We've got your back. We're all about something called English Paper Piecing (EPP). This technique involves wrapping fabric around paper templates, kind of like creating a snug little fabric hug around them. This gives you the foundation to create these seriously intricate and spot-on shapes.

Once you've got these fabric-covered templates, it's like putting together a puzzle. You stitch them up, piece by piece, to form a work of art that looks like you spent ages on it. It's like magic, but with needle and thread.

So, whether you're a seasoned stitcher or just dipping your toes into the world of hand sewing, we're here to provide you with patterns that marry tradition and innovation. Get ready to create pieces that will leave everyone thinking you're a crafting rockstar – all in the span of a weekend!


The Dutchess

SKU: C&A018
  • Please respect the copyright on this pattern and not distribute. 

    Designers make a living off their designs and like everyone else we have bills to pay.


    Cake & Ale© patterns, pattern designs and affiliated pattern materials are for personal, non-commercial use only. It is a violation to use this pattern to create any mass-produced or factory-made items. By purchasing this pattern, you agree not to share, upload elsewhere, or re-sell the pattern either as a digital download or printed pattern. You are strictly prohibited from giving or selling the pattern to a magazine, blog, or book publisher.  

    In no event will Cake & Ale be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any physical loss or damage whatsoever arising from the obtaining, making or creation of our patterns and/or designs.

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