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Have I told you about the Star Gazer??

So this week I tried to find some time for product development between logo development for my 9-5 job, kids and trying to find an affordable solar panel solution for my house.... yes I do feel like a bouncy ball pinging all over the places. So here is an update for you! Sadly I did not get the second Nightjar finished, outer templates are basted and waiting for attention and the lining ready to go!

She looks like the Indian lunar module doesn't she....

I am incredibly excited to see how it turns out though! The segment I fussy cut just makes me so incredibly excited to finish it off. And simultaneously terrified I will ruin the whole thing...

But back to the Star Gazer!

The one thing I find time for nearly every night is my Star Gazer quilt, I am so excited that there is some real progress now and I should be releasing the pattern early next year!

Poe thinks its his, bless his ever hungry heart. If you would like more updates on the Star Gazer just follow along on Instagram as that is where the majority of it is being published.


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