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Just a quick one, because I feel like death

I made a deal with myself to write a blog a week, admittedly mine are not great compared to so many of the others that are out there... mainly because thoughts ping around my head like a marble in a washing machine and I can never get them out! Ahhhh the joys of being neurospicy. This week though has followed along the routine path until I woke up this morning with what ever virus one of my mini's has breathed on me... shoot me now. Apparently its not "the 'Rona" but it feels like it! So after showing you these brag shots I am off to be with my iPad to watch DS9 (Deep Space 9, yup Treckie).

The Nightjar is now available for purchase and she is resplendent, if you want SVG files then head over to the ETSY store as I have them listed. Still trying to figure out how to load those to the store here.

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