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50 shades of cream, a Stargazer update

When I started to design my Stargazer quilt there was no official plan on how big to make it... more of a see how we go notion. Which wasn't the first time I ordered more Bella solids, or the second time, but the third time has been problematic.

I have been using colour 200 which is a warm white, its gorgeous, creamy and light and was the PERFECT tint for what I needed. Looks like Moda send out new shipments to Australia and we have a dye batch issue, the lovely Lorraine from Patchwork Passion has done her best to help me out but I am just going to have to find a way to artfully blend in these new hexies. I think once I have the red pearl 8 quilting on them you wont notice the colour variation too much.

On the left is Bella colour 99, the right the new colour 200 and in the middle is my colour 200. Moral of the story, buy more fabric than you need.... nothing is ever truly wasted in your stash.

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