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Belated April Update

April was a quiet month for Cake & Ale, sorry about that! We didn't release any patterns and it was pretty quiet on all the socials. April is a really great and really tough month for us (every year), for those of you who aren't in the special needs loop April is world Autism Awareness Month, and it is my severely Autistic son's birth month. So we get all the feels in April, it really is our roller coaster month.

And in true ASD fashion I spent the month of April advocating for additional funding for 1:1 supports while he is at school and additional funding so the fence heights can be raised. What my beloved boy may lack in verbal skills he makes up for with agility and strength.... he can clear a 7ft fence with ease and then go wandering without supervision. Each day we have moments of pride and sheer terror with him.

He also turned 13, he LOVES birthdays and baking so we made his cake together (Italian chocolate olive oil cake, seriously good). My beautiful girls made him cards with his favourite YouTube characters on them, he really loved him and I have them pinned to the studio walls now.

I have been wanting to make a pattern dedicated to his school as a fundraiser, I had planned to launch it in April but the feels all got too much. So watch this space as I am going to try to tackle that one next, I want to name it Lion Heart as a nod to his school who's mascot is a lion and how brave these kids have to be each and every day.

We also had our 2 week school term break, it was great to get out and explore our area more. After two years up here there is still so many beautiful spots left to visit. We visited Lostock dam and Walka Water Works.

I DID manage to kick myself in the pants by the end of the month and design / make the newest bowl in our range, Baguette will be available for sale this month. I am hoping in the next week or two but no promised on that timeline, its gloomy and raining here and I haven't had a decent day for photography since I finished it.

Well that's about it! See you on Instagram or next blog post.

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