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Breathe before you sew...

I have had an absolutely epic October so far, crazy busy with my 9-5 job as well as with the Muppet's (my kids, also affectionately known as Chaos, Discord and Mayhem... the names suit trust me). Totally not complaining, I love knowing I will be able to cover the epic power bill that is heading my way. (I am sure I am not the only one scratching their heads as to the 43% increase in power costs over the past year.)

All that aside I have been wanting to get cracking on my Nightjar prototype for a few weeks now, and in my haste to squeeze every opportunity to work on it there has been inevitable errors, it is so easy to make a miscalculation while you are also listening to an 8yo's day and wondering about what to cook for dinner. But as prototype one comes together I am wondering if it should be a little larger?? The pieces are so fiddly I am getting frustrated, but that also could be my headspace at the moment!

By next week I hope to have some better photos to show off, but in the mean time if you want to see last nights hasty mistake the photos are below. If you are after real time updates check out the Insta account

So if any of you are stressed and looking to do a little calm hand sewing... take a few good breaths first and make sure your dog ears are tucked in neatly!

Wishing you all much cake and ale Cass

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