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But what if you fly?

On Christmas Eve this year I was having a massive battle with my internal creative demons, I don't have an "I can't" monster, because honestly I know I CAN do anything I set my mind at, sheer stubbornness takes care of the rest. I have a "but what if I have horrid taste and no one likes my designs" monster. Personally I think the latter is the more insidious of the two. About two hours after I resolved myself to keep doing what I am doing I had a sale! Then another, and another. That Christmas eve I sold five patterns, it was my very own Christmas Miracle, I know it sounds silly but I air punched after every single one.

There are now three patterns for sale on the ETSY store, funnily enough I have only sold the one pattern (Eight times though *happy dance*) so here comes a fresh design that is more in line with "The Jewel" pattern that seems to be a crowd favourite. All things going to plan this pattern (if it works!!) "should" be available later on this month.

Right now it is titled a very creative "Pattern No.4" and its doing to be a ring bowl, a quick project that hopefully is beautiful AND useful.

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