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DIY therapist

I had a few people reach out recently and ask how I put together my Therapist Hexie Quilt. As it really is such a great quilt that I thought I would share the layout with you. My quilt was a proper stash buster, use up all the dregs, kind of quilt. The only fabric purchased for this quilt was the white on white prints I used to break up all of the colour. With so much going on, I felt it needed the white to add a cohesive pattern and some repetition to the piece.

Here is the technique I used for the majority of the quilt, I found sewing on single rows in place of flower rows it looked like I was making progress quicker (mental health benefit). It also allowed me a little more control over balancing the colours out. That being said I do have a few blue or green areas and a few of the same fabrics next to each other.

Here is how you can create the same effect (or is it affect??) with hexie flowers.

I added white sashing on my edges just to frame all the glorious colours.

And there you have it, your very own therapist quilt!

This quilt was named for the MANY hours I spent hand sewing her in therapist offices while waiting for my children to have sessions... Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Behavioral Optometry. In the pre-covid era I was spending 12-15 hours a week in waiting rooms, so I put my hands to good use, it was also an incredible conversation starter with the other parents in the waiting room.

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