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Festive Spheres! Quick and Easy Decorating.

This was such a fun project. The pattern breaks down into such small, manageable bits, that with a little prep work you can knock out a sphere a day. I had originally imagined these as bunting and not ornaments, that's the plan still. I was chatting with my girls about it this morning and E had the best idea to make pom poms to hang with them as bunting. Two seconds after I gave her the green light she announced we would need a trip to the craft store for more yarn... well played Miss E.

The past two projects (Phoebe Dearest and Festive Spheres) coupled with the mid 30 deg C temps we have had out here keeps making me think its December already. Not to wish the year away, but with October just around the corner that the Festive Season is well and truly nearly here.

Which makes me think... as much as I am not a fan of Halloween, maybe some candy corn inspired bunting for next year would be fun?? If you like the idea of that drop me a comment!

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