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Hands up for seasonal decorating

I have to confess I love the look of beautifully styled homes, especially ones who have a northern hemisphere Christmas. All of the pine boughs layered with garlands next to crackling fireplaces.... it's all kinds of beautiful that I know wont happen in a hot, sweaty, Aussie Christmas.

I am also victim to my habit of thinking I will actually get around to making things like cute Santa sacks, or matching PJ's for the kids... my "Oh ill just make it" thought process has lead me to many a Christmas Eve panic or my own crushed hopes as I realise its just never going to happen.

This year though, this year I VOW to get my festive on early.

While I will never have a white Christmas here at home in rural Australia, or beautiful, i.e. breakable decorations (I have cats... three of them.... I'll spare myself the heartache) bunting is something I can manage with my beautifully tall ceilings.

So here is the sneaky peak of the beginning of my festivities, let me know if you think you know what they will look like when I am done. Or just come back next week when I upload progress shots. Im off to find some cake! Cass

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