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Happy Birthday to Us!!!

At dinner last night it suddenly dawned on me that Cake & Ale is now 1!! I don't remember the exact date we launched the business officially, but I think it was in the middle of November last year. I remember feeling guilty over all the money in setting up a website / email, buying in fabrics / stationery pieces / packaging etc that we would need to get going to launch (not that the kits have gone anywhere yet!). I gave myself one years grace, to prove that the idea was viable, and I can say that yes it is. More than that, it is something I love doing.

So to celebrate I am running a First Birthday Sale! (better late than never). 50% off all patterns! YIPPEE now you can have your Cake, Ale and a pattern or two! Use the coupon FIRSTBIRTHDAYSALE in the store and stock up for your Christmas / New Years sewing.

Random updates, finally feeling better.... 14 days with no food and gastro from hell was not an experience I EVER want to repeat. Also the studio is now solar powered! HUZZAH! Cass xx

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