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Jingle Balls or Festive Spheres?

I think one and two sum it up! There is definitely proof of concept not a Old Hallows Eve household, and sadly Thanksgiving isn't a thing over here in Oz ). Originally I had this planned as bunting, but really it works just as well as a single ornament.

Things I did wrong...

  • Didn't clip my fabric on the curves. I think on a larger decoration this wouldn't be a problem, but this little guy is only 40mm tall that extra bulk is cumbersome.

  • The choice of braid for hanging is visually WAY too heavy, I am thinking of using some sashiko threads for round 2.

I think one and two sum it up! There is definietly proof of concept here.

So with it decided we like our ornaments I have begun on some more... photographic versions. Perhaps with some trim or a nice metallic thread this time. I am also going to make them in three sizes so if anyone wants to make bunting you will be able to create some visual interest.

The plan is to have these wrapped up by next week and the pattern released soon after. If you have any suggestions for a name please drop me a comment... as much as these are potentially Christmas decorations I was thinking they would be nice as Birthday bunting as well! Cass xx Now go have you some cakes and ale ;)

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