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Much ado about nothing

I set myself the goal of blogging at least once a week, it is supposed to be on Wednesdays but my first born is home and everything flew out the window. Autism... a single word trying to encapsulate a thousand stories, but that in itself is a story for another time. So there really isn't much to share about the journey this week except that the Hedron Bowl pattern is now available on ETSY (YIPPEEEE) and it has also gone out to a pattern tester. I hope they send me through some photos as I am pretty sure that her children will be completing this project as part of their homeschooling activities. I did think to share a few images of the quilt that started all of this, I call her "the therapist". I started to piece the top in 2021, Autistic kids means a LOT of hours in therapists offices... so in place of scrolling I started stitching. Now shes a different kind of therapist, busy hands means my brain can process a little of the chaos in my house.

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