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Teacher Gifts Anyone??

Is anyone else having a month where you feel like no matter how many lists you have, all the best intentions in the world, but nothing is getting finished. The Hemisphere project it sitting on my desk half sewn, the inside templates have been printed and laminated but not trimmed or basted. The Christmas Cake has still not been baked, and the tree only JUST went up.... it happens right?!

As my mum is fond of quoting, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. My good intention being that I had planned to get the kids teachers some really awesome teacher gifts this year, first year at new schools so I wanted to be on it... then one of my cats stopped walking. Someone (me) forgot poor Ninja's tick preventer this month, and anyone in rural Australia knows this is NOT a good plan. So 50 odd hours at the vets and several hundred dollars later Ninja is on the road to recovery... but he spent the teacher gift budget (several times over).

With the stress of that, and my son being home instead of being at school (anxiety sucks) I ran out of headspace and funds. So, if you cant purchase, make! This year the teachers are getting handmade Christmas Ornaments that the kids are decorating on the reverse side, hopefully the enjoy them! In true stressed out Cass style I forgot to snap photos of the beautiful completed star ornaments and still haven't finished the last two stars. Deadline is tomorrow so no pressure right!

It has given me some interesting ideas for patterns for next years Christmas patterns... spoiler alert I am figuring out how to make a 3D Star.... its going to be great!

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