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The Nightjar Version One

As promised here is the Nightjar, well version one at least. Below is a little peak into the process, the mock up and first prototype together on my desk. It is amazing to watch all of the iterations of a design along the way from concept to final pattern.

This one will be no different, while there is proof of concept here I think she can be better!

I love this base, but in this design its more fiddling then it is worth. As you can see in the other photos, you would never notice the detail and lift without flipping it over... and if you have it filled with pens that is hardly good practice.

So version two is underway and I am thinking a little fussy cutting might be just the ticket!

Yes I rushed this post... but I checked the stats and no one reads the blog! LOL. So I hope you enjoy the journal entry about the design update, I also had cake and coffee out this morning so I am a little behind schedule for the days activities. Cass :)

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