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There can be no cakes without a kitchen...

Things are changing at C&A HQ! I live in rural NSW, Australia in a farm house designed but an Austrian cabinet maker. With some reluctance and sorrow the original kitchen from the house was just pulled out, only some reluctance... the cupboards were made of chipboard and we dropping dust on EVERYTHING. Also the 70's stove top was dying and the benches were non standard so there was no replacement to be had. Its been an epic few weeks while we camp in the house without a kitchen, so far no meltdowns though I feel they aren't too far off.

Here are a few snaps of the journey along, it's going to be a few more weeks but I am looking forward to getting my bake on as the weather cools.

Yes there is (was) laminex on the ceiling 0_0

This wall is no more! Hello open plan and light!

That FABULOUS profile cut timber wall will stay exactly as it is, perfection. New wall sconces coming soon!

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