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Well... that was an embarrassingly long gap.

May, I've not posted anything since May.... not that anyone reads my blog but consistency is key none the less!! So what has happened since then, the kitchen is finished (well 90% of it), I have released three or four new patterns and winter has well and truly set in. Many frosts and much crunchy grass, the paddock bathtub froze over twice.

Here is a look at my favourite new pattern, Trove. I know I should keep the samples pristine but I use mine very day, it makes such a splendid sewing box but you could use it for storing just about anything. My sister has requested a star shaped box for her crochet supplies, so keep an eye out for "Constellation" in the months ahead.

I have to say that July has been a most humbling month. A beautiful customer shared her make in a Facebook group and the ETSY store lit up! I think from her one post I sold 80 patterns, I was so humbled and grateful. We are a small start up, but that one act has re-energized me and given me that extra boost to keep designing new projects. You know who you are, and if you are reading thank you so very much.

Hopefully we are back to our scheduled viewing now, see you all next week cats and kittens.

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