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When I find time to scratch...

What a few weeks it has been out here!! Its been baking hot, minimal rain, and to make matters worse, when it did rain none of it made it to the water tank thanks to a blocked gutter. It's a lesson, but a sad one... today was our first water delivery since we moved out here. It is comforting to know that the gutters are now clear and we have 10,000 liters in the tanks (it wont go as far as you would think).

It is also my first week back at the earning job... having the wee ones home for a fortnight on school holidays always throws a spanner in the productivity works. After nearly a week I am still buried in but I think I can see some light way down yonder tunnel. Which would be awesome because I have had all this sitting on my desk taunting me for nearly two weeks. We had an idea, which evolved to mock up, with fabric ordered and delivered, and template pieces just waiting for me to cover them in THE most divine Anna Maria Horner fabric.


It won't be long now, and I really hope that by this time next week I will have some progress on the Nightjar that I can share with you!

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