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While we wait for the postie...

It is always the way... a stash full of pretties and nothing to sew. In my defense I have a VERY particular fabric in mind for my next project. Not to give too much away but it is a make that could be very handy over the festive season, I wanted to reflect the spirit of the season in the fabric choice.

So while we wait, a draw back of living in the boon docks, I have started to create SVG files for all of the existing Cake & Ale patterns! At present there are only the three designs available with cutting templates, tested on Cricut and Cameo plotters, with more to be released each week. No particular order has been established for the roll out so if you have a pattern you would love just drop a comment and I will pop that design up next! As of today Solaris, The Crown and The Jewel are available as PDF + SVG sets.

Wishing you all much Cake and Ale and a fabulous rest of your week! Cass

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